Uncovering Captive Insurance
BY Patricia Baxter
| March 24, 2022

Show Notes

For many the response to that is: “what the heck is a captive?” OR perhaps you are in the position that you are evaluating your loss ratios with your premium costs and maybe you are intrigued with the idea of potentially joining a risk retention group. Maybe you’ve heard the term but really just do not have a full understanding as to how they work and want to hear more. This week on The Defense Never Rests we are joined by Matthew Queen who peels away the layers of captive insurance and gives us a bit of a 101 lesson on the topic. So whether you are at self-insured company, are already part of a risk retention group, work for a carrier or you simply represent entities that fall into any of these categories, his intel on this topic is…well…captivating. Of course, if you know Matthew even a little bit you know he holds nothing back and we appreciate the engaging conversation he continually brings to the table. Is your company part of a captive insurance group? If so, we would love to hear about it below.

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