Aviation law encompasses so much more than just time in the sky. From the time a passenger books a ticket to the time they make their way out of the airport at a destination, there are numerous interactions fraught with potential liability. 

Litigating aviation matters requires a unique knowledge of the interplay between the entities involved.  Issues of tender, indemnity and immunity need to be resolved at the outset, while contractual agreements between parties should be analyzed to confirm liability.

Knowing all of these details up front is the key to developing a successful litigation strategy. That’s where Morgan, Akins & Jackson comes in. For over fifteen years, our attorneys have been at the forefront of some of the country’s most notable aviation cases.

Our work on your case doesn’t stop at the corners of our desks. We know that a site inspection and conversations with employees is crucial to understanding an incident and predicting what the opposing party will allege. That’s why we get out to the airport within days of the incident, oftentimes with hand-picked experts, to gain a 360-degree view.

Our attorneys have represented a variety of clients in aviation in cases that stretch across the country. They have included:

  • Airlines
  • State and federal airport authorities
  • Municipalities
  • Wheelchair assistants
  • Baggage handlers
  • Jetway operators
  • Ticketing and security agents
  • Tarmac mechanics and engineers

From minor claims involving wheelchairs, motorized carts, jetway defects, tarmac machinery and vehicles, to larger matters resulting in catastrophic injury and death, Morgan, Akins & Jackson’ aviation group has the experience to tackle any issue you may encounter. 

Our attorneys have seen it all, so we can do it all.

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