Construction projects can be among the most challenging and fulfilling endeavors a business may undertake.

However, even the most carefully-managed project, staffed with the most diligent employees will require the guidance of trusted legal consultants. As unwavering advocates, the Morgan, Akins & Jackson construction practice group will provide advice and representation at all stages.

From project planning to the grand opening, Morgan, Akins & Jackson can assist with: 

Development, Land Use and Zoning

At Morgan, Akins & Jackson, we understand the barriers to getting a construction project off the ground.

Having experienced representation and clear guidance can help you anticipate community concerns and navigate regulatory changes, contractor compliance, unforeseen construction costs, financing issues and investor-related disputes without aggravating and costly delays.

We have experience navigating land use law, planning code and zoning resolutions across the eastern United States.

As projects evolve, our attorneys also offer:

  • Guidance on labor and employment issues
  • Representation in contractual matters


When litigation is the only option, the Morgan, Akins & Jackson construction practice group stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients. We understand that a successful litigation strategy demands a detail-oriented approach, proactive case management along with the experience and skills to get the job done.

In instances of onsite accidents involving injuries to people or damage to property, we:
  • Supervise internal investigations
  • Assist with and interview witnesses
  • Notify authorities when appropriate
  • Communicate with OSHA and investigative units
  • Ensure proper notice to insurance carriers
  • Help our client document their losses
  • Ensure evidence is preserved
We also understand that high-profile cases present their own difficulties. Our attorneys have the experience to confidently and discreetly secure the best possible resolution for clients while preserving public perception and investor confidence.


Should you face a claim where the finished product doesn’t fit the agreed plan or is somehow defective, our attorneys have the experience to fight back. We have litigated numerous property damage cases and have a long history of dealing with insurance companies along with claims adjusters to ensure that our clients are shielded from unscrupulous claims.

Arbitration & Mediation

The Morgan, Akins & Jackson construction practice group recognizes the construction community is tightly knit. We also appreciate that the necessity of strong working relationships create a culture where alternative dispute resolution is prevalent.

We are comfortable in this type of environment because we have trusted strategies that use logic and law to create a mutually acceptable result.

Questions about a construction litigation case?