Social and Human Services Claims

The firm represents in the defense of abuse, neglect, wrongful death, trafficking, rape and molestation claims. We defend various types of social and human services organizations, ranging from mental health providers (both inpatient and outpatient programs), residential treatment facilities, juvenile residential facilities, religious orders, schools, day care centers, colleges/universities, summer camps, foster care agencies, churches and organizations serving disabled persons.

Frequently, our team is retained to defend claims against these organizations and institutions arising out of alleged sexual, mental and physical abuse, neglect, drug overdose, personal injury and wrongful death. Our team has extensive knowledge of the regulations and statutes which govern the operation of these organizations and institutions, along with state and city Department of Human Services regulations and guidelines.

Overall, our team routinely consults with our clients to address the needs and challenges unique to employees, owners, and administrators in the health and human services field. We advise our clients on policy and procedure development, privacy procedures as well as develop and train our clients on best care practices, clinical standards to deter the often costly litigation that arises in these facilities. These preventative crisis management measures prove invaluable to both avoiding litigation and aggressively defending lawsuits once they arise. We maintain close relationships with clinical teams to establish trust and open lines of communication to foster meaningful facility and procedural improvements and safeguards.

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