Tackling The Learning Curve of Claims
BY Patricia Baxter
| March 24, 2022

Show Notes

What were some of the lessons you learned early in your claims career? For our guest this week on The Defense Never Rests, Michael Benson, he shares that he learned early on that facts are not always the most important. Which can be a shocking discovery at first. In fact he admits it was one of his biggest failures putting so much stock into facts but not some of the extraneous information that had a significant impact. Interestingly, however, Michael sought out a career in claims after first being a claimant! Having been in that position he learned that he has a passion for working to solve people’s problems. And when you think about it we are all in the problem solving business. That is exactly what he strives to do – solve problems big and small. You do not want to miss this discussion. Michael is dynamic and insightful on his career path and offers insight as to his experiences and growth from a junior adjuster to now. What valuable lessons did you learn early in your career that helped shape your path?

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