Managing Risk: An Engineer’s Perspective
BY Patricia Baxter
| March 24, 2022

Show Notes

What advice do you give your insureds to mitigate future risk? I think we all have some general line items that we tell insureds or clients that they could be doing differently. But usually, that is after the claim and sometimes that is too late! But what about someone to come in and actually evaluate the business practices and offer real suggestions that can lower future risk. I think that is pretty great, don’t you? This week on the Defense Never Rests we are joined by Riley McManus who is an engineer by trade but a safety management professional who is tasked with assessing insured (or potential insureds) risk. We are talking feet on the ground, walking around a business and scoping out potential problems that could lead to a loss. And then he offers solutions to help prevent that loss. Now that is a safety check that I think we all want to hear about. That does not mean Riley’s job is easy…of course some businesses are resistant to change and that can certainly pose a challenge. But as a claims professional, having someone like Riley on your team is an absolute asset. What do you think are some of the most common risks he sees?

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