Determine Your Exit Strategy Early
BY Patricia Baxter
| May 14, 2020

Show Notes

After 40 years in claims, you pick up a thing or two! If you want perspective, sit down and talk to someone who started their career before people used email, or even computers, who completed claim notes using pen and paper, and when people could actually smoke in the office. And that’s what we did on today’s podcast. We sat down with Joe Junfola who spent over 40 years as a claims professional, first handling claims himself and then managing those that did. We talk changes in culture, letting go of micro-managing, diversity, technology and the future of claims and much, much much more. He’s candid about the mistakes he made and the lessons he learned along the way. Connect with Joe at The views Joe expresses on this episode are his own and not of any company he has worked for in the past!

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