Is Social Media Professional?
BY Vikas Jain
| March 24, 2022

Show Notes

Do you use social media to help promote your professional persona? Well…if you are reading this on Linkedin, chances are the answer to the question is yes. I think we all utilize this platform in similar but also different ways. Some use to gather information that is helpful to their practice. Others use it as a networking and marketing tool. Some of us use it to promote our professional accomplishments or provide discussion of hot issues. But I think it is safe to say that gone are the days that it is simply used as a digital resume. This week on the Defense Never Rests we are joined by Mike Elkins who is a labor and employment attorney but also an avid speaker and content creator who is not afraid to put his name out there on hot issues. And sometimes putting himself out there made other people uncomfortable. But why? Because it was not “traditional”. Well, in my humble opinion, nothing good ever happened from doing something the same way over and over just because that is how it was done in the past. This applies for social media as well as litigation! Might as well mix it up and that is what Mike does! How do you use social media platforms – are they strictly personal or does your professional life bleed in?

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