Insider Look at Public Entity Claims
BY Patricia Baxter
| March 24, 2022

Show Notes

How are the risks of a public entity different? Or maybe the better question to ask is: how does one approach a claim against a public entity differently? This week on the Defense Never Rests, we are joined by Eileen Fay, SVP and Head of Claims at Berkley Public Entity and we dive into the nuances of public entity claims. In some respects, they are not all that different from claims against private entities or individuals. However, when we are talking about claims against townships or police and fire departments there is certainly a distinct finesse that is necessary in defending that claim. What we also often forget, a lot of these entities are in small towns or departments where everyone knows everyone. For that reason, the counsel is VERY important. Eileen weighs in on the specific nuances she has seen with public entities but also dives into her path that brought her here. Even if these types of claims are foreign to you, you do not want to miss this dynamic discussion.

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