Hot Topics in Trucking (Part 3) 2021 TIDA Annual Seminar
BY Patricia Baxter
| March 24, 2022

Show Notes

How does the average juror view the trucking industry? You know what we mean, does the average individual have a positive or negative opinion of truckers. As we approach the holiday season with warnings of supply shortages and we are worrying about getting those all important gifts in time, I would venture a guess that the average person is relying on the trucking industry quite a bit. Even if we may not always be consciously aware of it. We needed it 18 months ago when we were not leaving our homes. We need it today and we will certainly need it tomorrow. Simply said, we, as a society, need the transportation industry. On this installment of Hot Topics in Trucking, my dear friend and fellow Philadelphia attorney Jared Shafer jumps into the hot seat to discuss the latest issues we are seeing in the trucking industry. Jared is no stranger to defending catastrophic lawsuits and the specific challenges he has seen his clients face over the years. He dives into how we can humanize companies and help change the dialog. How do you think we should change the dialog?

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