Careers and Parenthood
BY Patricia Baxter
| March 24, 2022

Show Notes

For our parents out there, what was the biggest challenge you faced professionally as a young parent? For many expecting mothers, the first challenge is TELLING your employer. What will they say? What type of reaction will you receive? When do you even break the news? What does this mean for your career trajectory? So many questions swirling around what is one of the happiest and exciting periods of one’s life. This week on The Defense Never Rests we bring back Helen Yoon, Karly Wannos, Esq. and Jamie Szal to take a deep dive into firm and corporate culture for parents and particularly the challenges young parents face trying to juggle careers with life. But more importantly, we discuss what changes companies and firms can make to retain talent. This is not a new topic, by any means, but always an important one. If you are an expecting parent, a new parent, a “seasoned” parent or, even more importantly, a manager or leader, this is a must listen.

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