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Civil Litigation
General Liability
Workers' Compensation
Insurance Coverage & Extra-Contractual Litigation
Commercial Litigation
Contract Disputes


More about Trey Shoemaker

Trey is a dual licensed associate attorney in Kentucky and Indiana, based in the Lexington, Kentucky office of Morgan & Akins, PLLC. He focuses his practice on civil litigation at the state and federal levels with a concentration on general liability, workers’ compensation, insurance coverage and insurance litigation involving major insurance companies and corporations. He has been working in law offices since 2013 and as a practicing attorney since 2019 having a variety of experience handling cases from intake to resolution.

Majority of his experience involves pre-litigation/litigation including investigations, consultations, mediations, depositions, motion practice and negotiating settlement of claims. Trey also has experience dealing directly with business and corporate entities on best business practices, contract disputes, commercial liability, motor vehicle liability and bankruptcy proceedings.

He completed law school at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law where he focused his studies on civil and commercial law. Prior to joining the Lexington, Kentucky office of Morgan & Akins, PLLC, Trey was working in Louisville, Kentucky where he gained experience working as both Plaintiff and Defense counsel. His experience working on both sides of litigation gives him insight into opposing counsel’s arguments and strategies during litigation. Further, practicing simultaneously in Kentucky and Indiana has allowed him to understand and successfully navigate the intricacies of multistate litigation.

Being a native of Lexington, Kentucky, and a University of Kentucky alum, Trey is happy to return to his hometown to continue his legal career and to root on the Kentucky Wildcats. In his free time, he enjoys camping, reading, visiting distilleries and spending time with his girlfriend, Kat and his cat, Jalapeno.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding a legal issue in Kentucky or Indiana, he would be happy to assist in resolving your legal dilemma.

  • Brandeis School of law, university in Louisville, Kentucky
  • University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law – 2018
  • University of Kentucky – 2014


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