Workers’ Compensation is governed by statutes in every state, with specific law variances in each state.  The common goal of workers’ compensation from an employer’s standpoint is to resolve the claims quickly and economically across the board.  Morgan & Akins’ attorneys understand this common goal and have years of experience defending employers in workers’ compensation matters throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia and Mississippi.  Our most important mission is to keep our clients’ costs down by effectively defending the right claim, as we know one of the fastest, growing expenses facing employers today are workers’ compensation costs.

Our clients include public and private employers, insurers, self-insured entities and third-party administrators, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. We appear before workers’ compensation judges and appellate panels, state courts and agencies, and at all federal court levels. We counsel clients on managing risk and averting litigation; assist with the creation and implementation of return-to-work programs; help coordinate workers’ compensation policies for multistate businesses; and recover subrogation liens.

Our success stories are across the board and are exemplary of the comprehensive analysis and litigation strategies we put in place from the moment the claim walks in our doors.

  • Settled a PA worker’s compensation and federal discrimination claims for a regional health care provider within authority involving two Emergency Medical Technicians.
  • Obtained a Decision and Order terminating workers’ compensation benefits of an employee who was convicted of stealing from his employer, a large nationally-based family business.
  • In front of the Tennessee Supreme Court Special Workers Compensation Panel obtained a decision that affirmed the dismissal of a claim as not work related, and restated again the burden of proof the employee must carry when trying to prove causation on a claim.
  • In front of the Tennessee Supreme Court, Special Workers’ Compensation Appeals Panel obtained a decision that affirmed the employer has the right to obtain an evaluation with a medical impairment registry (“MIR”) physician based on conflicting impairment ratings assigned by the employee’s treating physician and the employer’s independent physician; and Supreme Court Panel overturn the lower court’s finding that the authorized physician rebutted the MIR physician’s impairment rating by clear and convincing evidence and, in so doing, reaffirm the standard for rebutting the statutory presumption of correctness afforded MIR physicians.
  • After obtaining a verdict in favor of the employer on appeal to the Tennessee Supreme Court, Special Workers’ Compensation Appeals Panel, who remanded the case back to circuit court, Morgan & Akins successfully argued a Motion for Summary Judgment which closed the claim for the employer.

Morgan & Akins get the results for their clients because we partner with our clients from day 1.  We provide an analysis of the laws and facts of each claim and submit a legal strategy for our clients at the inception of the case, with a clear blueprint of the litigation plan moving forward.  And this is why our continued synergy with our clients keeps our successes growing in number.

For more information please contact either Nicholas Akins, Esquire at; (615) 615.829.5995 x104 or Wendy S. Smith, Esquire at; (267) 866-7560