Despite the best planned and well-intentioned safety program, vehicle accidents are an inevitable, albeit unfortunate, reality of being part of the motor vehicle carrier industry. In the face of growing personal injury claims, large damage awards and complex industry-specific regulations, the trucking sector needs guidance from attorneys who know its industry, understand the issues and challenges which arise, and can effectively protect client interests both in and out of court.  The Commercial Vehicle and Trucking team at Morgan & Akins has over 15 years of experience advising and representing trucking industry clients in personal injury and property damage matters while also providing practical guidance as to daily risk avoidance.

When faced with catastrophic injuries, the need for an immediate response and zealous advocate is critical. In order to facilitate a rapid defense, Morgan & Akins has its team available 24-7 equipped with longstanding relationships with technical experts and accident specialists. Utilizing these relationships and resources, we are ready to act on the spot and protect our clients, and their employees, immediately. Working closely with accident investigators and reconstructionists, technology specialists and other experts, we inspect the accident scene, interview witnesses, conduct on-site and post-crash assessments, and preserve key evidence. These steps are critical when protecting our clients’ future interests in the face of litigation.

However, we understand that each case is different and there is no cookie cutter approach. With that in mind, the Morgan & Akins Commercial Vehicle and Trucking team evaluates each case individually on its own merits and devises a comprehensive and detailed action plan within thirty days of receipt of the first call.  Our first priority is to protect our clients’ reputation with control of the dialogue. Thus, whether we receive a notice of an accident at the time it occurs or years later, we are on the ground immediately interviewing employees and witnesses, evaluating data and driving logs and, when applicable, on the scene with our expert team.  Through this approach we are proactive with our defense and maintain an advantage over our adversaries, ensuring we are prepared and ready to defend our clients at case inception.  As an infrequent experience for most clients, we know litigation can wreak havoc on a business and disrupt daily operations. We aim to guide our clients through the process and navigate the waters with ease, together.