Advise, advocate, and achieve. These are the guiding principles of the automobile liability practice group at Morgan & Akins. Our team of ten attorneys have nearly a century of combined experience in the field, making them well-versed in motor vehicle liability and financial responsibility laws in all of the federal and state courts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Whether the case involves a passenger car, a motorcycle, a recreational vehicle, or a bicycle, Morgan & Akins has seen and done it all. The members of our automobile liability practice group have extensive experience in representing clients in third party cases, as well as defending insurance carriers directly in first party, UM/UIM and PIP matters. Additionally, we have experience in defending suspected fraudulent claims and know how to work effectively with insurance carriers’ Special Investigation Units (SIU) to get to the root of the issues. Because the litigation environment is continually evolving, our attorneys stay abreast of the latest legal developments and work hand-in-hand with our clients from inception to resolution. Too often, defense counsel is simply handed a file and he or she immediately begins “working” it without ever speaking to the most important player in the game: the client. This blind style of litigation is simply unacceptable. Our clients deserve more. From the initial phone call through trial and closing paperwork, our clients are an integral part of the process rather than being relegated to the “nosebleed seats” as spectators.

At Morgan & Akins, we are not only firmly entrenched in the ever-changing legal environment, but our familiarity with the procedures and local rules particular to each county and judge ensures the best chance for an expedient resolution of a claim. For certain third-party claims, our comprehensive understanding of the specific distinctions between insurance coverages as well as joint and several liability matters sets Morgan & Akins apart from other firms. From run-of-the-mill rear-end accidents to catastrophic highway pile-ups, we have handled a wide myriad of matters over many decades. From a low speed bump in a shopping mall parking lot to a high-speed, roll-over accident, the lawyers of our automobile liability practice group have successfully defended all manner of cases.

We have maintained a stellar track record in defending our clients by focusing on forging a strong partnership with auto investigators, engineers, accident reconstructionists, and medical experts. These partnerships allow us to develop cost-effective defense strategies at every stage of litigation. However, our team knows that success is not only measured by victories in the courtroom. Our attorneys keep clients well informed about the status of their case allowing the client, attorney, and claims professional to effectively work together as a team. To achieve a collaborative environment, we provide a thorough and comprehensive case evaluation and action plan within thirty days of receipt. That plan sets forth the strengths, weaknesses, recommendations, and tactics of defense, as well as advises of the potential exposure that our client may be facing. We strive to provide multiple options in our recommendations and we invite our clients and claims professionals to be part of the defense plan. Our pledge of complete transparency allows our clients to be part of the conversation and determine whether the case is ripe for swift resolution or if a full-fleged courtroom engagement will be needed. Throughout litigation, systematic updates are provided while prompt and cost-effective resolutions, including alternative dispute resolution methods, are considered. For the duration of suit, we employ a pragmatic yet aggressive approach to consistently provide beneficial results.